7 Ways to Support Local Businesses During Covid-19

It’s no news that local businesses are getting hit hard right now. Now’s the time for customers to step in and go the extra mile to support their favorite local businesses. At Canyon Crest Creative, local businesses are our people! Please join us in supporting the ones in our communities.

1. Shop local whenever you can.

Make the extra effort to “think local.” Opt for your neighborhood market or independent coffee shop when possible, and skip the big chains that take less of a hit.

2. Use takeout, delivery, and online options.

However, many businesses have scaled back on services (like dining-in options) many are still offering takeout or delivery. You’re also supporting delivery employees when you deliver, so it’s a double win. Consider choosing a contactless delivery to keep those workers safe too. And, of course, it’s a great time to buy online if your business has an e-commerce store in addition to their brick and mortar.

3. Purchase gift cards or e-gift cards.

Giving gift cards is a great way to help businesses support their employees and make them through tough times. If you’re staying home, see if you can buy gift cards online – and then look forward to using them when life gets normal.

4. Skip cash for now.

Paper money is germy, and we have a responsibility to help keep those employees serving us healthy! Use a credit/debit card for now or, even better, contactless payment if your local business accepts it.

5. Promote them on social media.

If your favorite local business is still open, offering delivery/takeout, etc., spread the word and share the news with your network! A social shout goes a long way; your local business will appreciate the visibility.

6. Now’s the time to be extra generous.

Tip generously. Support employees and their families by giving a little extra when you can.

7. “Thank you” is never overrated.

Don’t underestimate a little word of encouragement. Thank the people still putting themselves out there to serve the public. Encourage a business owner by saying that you are committed to supporting them through this.

Have other ideas for helping small businesses?

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