Custom email for your business.

Build trust & look professional with our Custom Email Upgrade.

Email that helps Build your Brand

Sign up for our Custom Email Upgrade and we’ll create 10 custom emails for your business, like Custom email is what people expect from a professional business, and we’re able to give it to you at an affordable price. 

Get started with custom email.

1. Add this upgrade to your Mopro subscription and we’ll create your email addresses for you – set them all up now or over time as you need them.

2. We’ll configure email forwarding so any email that’s sent to your old email address is forwarded to your new one.

3. Manage your email accounts directly in your Digital Command Center, and start building trust with your custom emails!

a Platform That's Simple & Secure.

Our Webmail platform has everything you need to manage your business email securely.

✓ Calendar & Events

✓ Contact Management

✓ Task Lists

✓ Spam Filtering

✓ Mobile Syncing

✓ Tech Support