8 Reasons Why You Should be Running Google Ads

8 Reasons Why You Should be Running Google Ads

Whether you can spend a lot or just a little, we encourage all our clients to spend some money on Google Ads at least. Why? Because Google Ads are the only way to guarantee a spot on the coveted first page of Google. The bottom line is, if you want to be the most visible, it will cost you (Google’s no dummy).

The good news is that even a little ad spend can make a difference, and if you think running a campaign is super-duper complicated, think again. As Google partners, we can offer our clients a complete ads management solution that gets you up and running fast – no guesswork required.

Still on the fence? Here are some reasons why Google Ads pull their weight.

1. Google Ads convert 50% better than organic traffic.

People who click on a Google Ad are ready to buy and do so quickly. That high intent to purchase means that these searchers are more likely to convert than your average organic searcher. They see your ad prominent in results, and they’re ready to take you seriously. That’s the kind of traffic Google Ads attract.

2. You can work with any budget.

Sure, the more you spend, the more clicks you’ll get. But there’s no minimum amount you need to pay to get your ads started. Instead, we recommend starting small while learning what works and doesn’t. A little can go a long way if you choose the right keywords, have strong ad copy, etc. Then, of course, you can constantly adjust and readjust your spending.

3. You only pay for results.

With Google Ads, you pay per click, so there’s not much risk. You’re paying when your leads take action (a click to your site, a click to call, etc.), and if they don’t act, you don’t pay.

4. You can advertise anytime and on any device.

We’re not talking about a TV or radio spot that runs once; you’re done. With Google Ads, you can advertise anytime you want – even 24/7, 365 if that’s your strategy.

You’re also able to reach people on all devices, and that’s important, especially with mobile. For example, since most people use their mobile devices to search, Google Ads help you meet them where they are.

5. You can control the days and times your ads run.

With Google Ads, you’re in control, which should give you peace of mind. If you’d instead run your ads during business hours only, or if you want to avoid certain days, you can do that. Being strategic about dates and times will improve your results in the long run, so keep an eye on your analytics to see what works best for you.

6. You can reach more of the right customers.

With audience targeting, you’re not just taking shots in the dark. Instead, you can control who sees your ad, whether it’s people in a radius around your business or people searching in specific areas. That means reaching more people who are most likely to buy from you.

7. You can see results fast.

No waiting to see if your latest marketing tactic is working. With Google Ads, you can track results as soon as your ads are live – and axe the waiting game.

8. It’s easy to measure and optimize.

Every part of your campaign is measurable, so it’s easy to monitor and adjust if things aren’t working. Track your conversions, costs, clicks, visits, and more. If one of your ads isn’t doing well, it’s easy to pause and move that budget elsewhere.

If you’re a Canyon Crest Creative client, our Google Ads Manager is included free in your subscription! Just log in to your dashboard to get started. If you need help, message us or call 208-749-9364.

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