Get 5-Star Review Updates We're Excited About

Chances are you've heard us talk about getting 5 Star Reviews, our powerful review collection solution. It integrates with whatever tool you use to manage customers – HubSpot, Stripe, Square, and 400+ others – to automatically send a review request via text and email when your customer completes an interaction with you.

When we say you can use this solution to collect reviews in your sleep, we mean it, and it's come a long way since we launched it three years ago. We've been working hard to make improvements ever since.

Here are the three most recent changes we've made. Learn how we're making review collection better and better.

Enjoy a streamlined way to get started.

Getting started on getting 5 Star Reviews has never been quicker. First, we consolidated our setup process into a 5-step wizard, so getting lost along the way is impossible.

You'll start by entering your business name. Next, you'll customize your review request to speak directly to your customers. You can even insert dynamic tags, like your customer's name, to take customization. After that, you'll select the platforms you want your customers to leave you reviews on.

The last step is to select whether or not you'd like us to share your 5-star reviews to your social media platforms automatically. Why not, right? You'll choose which platforms you'd like us to share these with, and then you're ready to start requesting reviews!

Please drop us a note when you want us to sync with your customer management tool so we can trigger requests automatically. We will take care of this part for you.

You can now send requests to international phone numbers

This latest enhancement is for you if you're a global business or have customers outside of the U.S. You can automatically send review requests to international phone numbers! So now your review collection knows no bounds.

If you'd like to start taking advantage of this feature, contact us to learn more about enabling it.

We've made manually sending reviews feel not so manual.

Maybe you haven't enabled automation yet, or you want to go in and send a request to a specific customer or group of customers. Again, we’ve given you options, so you control who gets requests and when.

We redesigned this process so that finding customers and adding them as recipients happens in a flash. Just search for your customer by name, phone number, or email, and type enter to send. You can send it to one customer or a group of cute. Please send your request immediately or schedule it to send in the future. However you send it, you can be sure it's quick and easy.

We've integrated with seven new platforms.

We just added some new integrations to our platform. Seven of them, to be exact! Here are the recruits:

  • HomeAdvisor

  • HomeStars

  • Better Business Bureau

  • Zillow

  • Zomato

  • Thumbtack

  • WebMD

If you're counting, that now makes 25 total platforms you can collect reviews on, and that's a lot!

Collect reviews with a custom QR code.

Lastly, we've created an easy way for you to collect reviews when customers visit you in person. Just download the custom QR code poster we've generated for you to get 5 Star Reviews and display it where it's visible to customers. Then, when your customer scans the code, it will automatically take them to where they can leave a review.

To download your QR code, navigate to Get 5 Star Reviews > Integrations > Website > QR code.

If you're a current client who isn't taking advantage of getting 5 Star Reviews yet, you're not making the most of your subscription with us! Call 208-749-9364 or message us at [support link]. Just say the word, and we'll set up an automatic review collection for free.

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