More news like this, please. #GoodGirl

Simone Giertz built a selfie photo booth for her dog out of Lego, and it’s perfect.

Simone Giertz, the self-described Queen of Shitty Robots, has created a selfie photo booth out of Lego for her dog Scraps, and yes, it’s as cute as it sounds. But, of course, it helps that the dog is a VERY GOOD GIRL and highly photogenic.

Giertz used a Lego Mindstorms kit and Lego bricks (Lego sponsors the video) to build the little booth and rigged a pedal, distance sensor, and circuit board to connect to a dispenser that drops a treat and snaps a photo whenever the dog presses the pedal.

“She goes in there, there’s a little pedal that she can push with her paw, it triggers a camera that triggers a treat dispenser,” Giertz explains. “She gets a treat, I get a photo, and everyone’s happy.”

She says she got the idea for the dog photo booth when she was trying to teach Scraps to scroll on the phone with her paw and take photos of herself. Because who among us has not attempted to get our dogs to take selfies?

Giertz is known for her quirky, mostly useless robots that rarely do what they’re supposed to but are entirely hilarious. Witness the overzealous lipstick-applying robot, the breakfast machine that gets Cheerios everywhere but into the bowl, the musical instrument made of teeth, and the wake-up machine that features a rubber hand slapping her awake.

In addition to building an entertaining robot, Giertz showed off her new workshop in Los Angeles in the video (with Scraps patiently hanging out and watching). Check out the full video here.